Boroughs United Football Club

Boroughs United FC was formed in 2014. It is the coming together of young professionals from different boroughs, united to play the game they all love. Their message outside football is one of unity and peace. Many of the players are also active in their communities, doing some great work in their communities.

Boroughs United football club is sponsored by The Crib youth project. The club player manager is Emeka Egbuonu.  Dayo Ayantuga is the chairman, he is also the club captain.


Honours from the clubs first season.

Hackney and Leyton Junior cup 2014/15 Winners

Jack Morgan Cup Runners Up

Hackney and Leyton Division 3 Runners Up


Best defence in all 5 divisions

Division 3 Sportsmanship award winners

All Division Sportsmanship award winners

Highlights of the 2014/15 at the Hackney and Leyton League

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