Boroughs United

Young London's liveliest talent showcase & campaign for peace

Produced and managed by the Crib's Young Leaders, Boroughs United brings together young people and their families from across London's 33 boroughs in a campaign against violence and a celebration of the positive contributions young people make to our society every day.

Boroughs United has been running since 1999 and has played to over 14,000 people at sell-out audiences at Hackney’s Ocean Music Venue, Indig02 and the Hackney Empire Theatre.  Over 2,500 young people have taken part including FORMER WINNERS Jermaine Jackman, Little Simz, Leona Lewis, Diversity and Twist & Pulse

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson says:  "The Crib is doing excellent work with young people in Hackney to prevent gun, knife and hate crimes. This exciting project can unleash the creative potential of youngsters in every borough across the city, helping them to raise their aspirations and to increase their confidence as performers."

Images from Boroughs United 2015


Getting Involved

There are two age categories:

Under 13

13 to 19 years

Boroughs United showcases singers (soloists and groups), dance groups, emcees and poets, each performing a 3-minute routine

Due to technical constraints we are unable to present full bands. We can accommodate some handheld instruments. 


Each performer receives a Boroughs United Participation Award

The top three acts from each category are awarded a Boroughs United trophy

The No.1 acts: overall Under 13 and Over 13 Singer, Dance and Emcee/ Poet, are added to the Boroughs United Annual Shields, which the acts hold for one year.  The following year, the acts return to hand over their shields to the next year’s winners.

The No.1 Over 13’s singer returns the following year and joins the Five O Band to perform the Agnes Sina-Inakoju Memorial, which opens the show.

The Crib is an Arts Awards Centre and Boroughs United is an Arts Award Supporter. We're happy to share moderation and Boroughs United can help you complete your modules, including: Taking Part, Review, Skills Share, Inspiration, Challenge, Leadership and Personal Development.