Community Peace March

October 11th 2015

This marked a day when the community gathered to say enough was enough. The recent deaths of Marcel Addai and Moses Fadairo hit the community hard and it was time that they stood up again to challenge the cycle of violence.

The Crib youth project took the lead in organising the March, accurately titled community peach march. This march was about all the young people that have lost their lives on the streets of London. Briefing at the Crib was at 12 noon, an army of young volunteers prepared the banners that would be used during the march.

We left The Crib youth project at 1:30 pm and walked to Haggerstoon station where the march was due to start. Roles and responsibilities were already assigned, last minute checks with the police before the march started.

At this point the crowd started to grow, more and more people started to join the march. This march was organised to let the community and the wider public know that we still have a voice in our community. When we know something is wrong we will speak up and speak out. This march was to let those who are involved in the cycle of violence know that the community cares about them, that we want to create a change that will be beneficial for everyone. To let them know that no matter what, there are those who will never give up the fight, to let them know that they are loved.

We are not in the business of condemning our youth; we are here to guide the misguided. To love those that need love, to show attention to those that are feeling neglected. We want to let them know that no one wins when they hurt or kill their brothers and sisters.

We are not saying the march will be the answer to all of our problems, what we are saying is that there are many organisations and members of the community that care. The work to change and save lives has been going on before this march and will continue after this march.

No doubt there will be more marches in the future, it is nothing but a peaceful protest to continue the strong message we have. That unity is key and it must prevail ahead of division.

The day was very emotional, just looking at all the pictures of all the young people that have lost their lives. So many stolen dreams and aspirations. So many parents who have done the unnatural act of burying their children. The pain in their eyes were unbearable. We stand strong and close to them all and we let them know we care and we support. This can never be passed on as someone else’s problem. This is OUR problem that we must take the lead to resolve.

The march ended at Hackney town hall, where many families and community activist gave speeches. It was very emotional hearing all their stories. We hope that the day has sparked something in everyone that was there, so there can go out and continue the fight wherever they go.

A very successful march with no incidents. A big thank you to everyone that was involved in making it such a great event.  Much love and respect to all.


Der Zweite Blick / The second look project


London to Berlin project 2014-2015

The Crib youth project partnered with Street vibes from Southeast London to take 12 young people from London to Berlin. The project is in partnership with Gangway beatz and Witness, two respected organisations in Berlin. After 2 years of planning, we finally got the project off the ground. The aim is to have two exchanges in 18months, and to create a joint story of both cities. My story my City, using the exchanges as a tool to have a cultural exchange and learn more about the Cities history and people.

Effectively breaking the stereotypes they might have (Second look). The first exchange took place in February half term 2014. The Berlin organisation hosted us and made us feel welcome. We learnt a lot about the city and the people. Visited the Berlin wall, Sachsenhausen concentration camp and many other places; and in the evenings we went to spoken word events and hip-hop events. The young people were able to mix very well with each other, although it helped that most of the Germans could speak English, our young people were still determined to learn as much German as they could. Other activities include writing workshops, studio sessions, and making videos, planning ideas for the entire project.

We then hosted the Berliners in London in May 2014, we put on an itinerary that would keep them entertained. Trips to museums, Hyde Park, recording studios as we both cities collaborated on several tracks.

It was a very successful youth exchange and all the young people involved loved the experience.

Click the links below to view the websites with all the content from the exchanges. Der Zweite blick is the German version of the site. The second look link is the English version. Listen to the stories of all the young people as they take you on a tour of where they grew up.

Hackney's Diving sensation

The Cribs very own attendee Pele Julian is talk of the town at the moment as he gears towards his dream of being the best 10 meter diver in the world.

Pele, aged 12, is currently number one in the country for his age group and is the first diver ever to represent Hackney.

Needless to say everyone at The Crib and Hackney is behind Pele all the way as he sets to dominate senior championships this year!

For a full recent article in The Voice please follow link:

Posted on October 16, 2015 .