The Crib: Who are we

The Crib is a social inclusion project which works with young people aged between 11-24. Who are NEET - At risk of offending or are in ‘Targetted’ groups in areas which need support, building a relationship with their young people within the community.  Delivering positive activities to help develop positive young people.

Meet The Crib Crew


How long has The Crib been running for

The Crib has been running Generic sessions and workshops in and around Hackney since 1999. Where we started out as 1 project in Hoxton, We now work all over Hackney and other boroughs delievering workshops

The Crib O Stage

Picture taken by Hackney Gazette  , Boroughs united 2010, The Cribs Youth organisers of the show

What we hope to bring to communities and young people we work alongside

We hope to bring back the trusted communities which we have had in the past. Where young people want to be in education or work, have ambition to succeed and the encouragement to do so. A place where Intergeneration is key , Young people respecting elder residents, Helping with there shopping and to bring back Trust in our youth and community. We run a variety of workshops which enable young people to develop in who they are and where they want to be. It's impotant to make young people aware that believing in themselves is key as we believe in them. Just because a wrong choice may have been made does not mean change can not be the new choice for them. We at The Crib are  here to help Advice & guide  young people in the right direction, Making the right choices, enabling them to keep on track and empowering them with Knowledge which is the key to life.